It used to be fine to subscribe by the notion of “If it is not broken then don’t fix it”. Modern business practice dictates that if businesses are not actively improving costs and margins, cycle times, service levels and output quality they are falling behind.

In addition, its critical to understand your internal processes to see which ones can be automated or digitised to keep your business from lagging behind the competition. The final piece of the puzzle is people, as they drive the heart of your operation and are the face of your business. Without well understood processes, defined key performance areas and job descriptions, people cannot be held accountable for their performances and are also unlikely to be empowered to go the extra mile. If your people are not empowered you will forever spend your time chasing after “poor performers” rather than spending time building your business or division.

Here are some trends that may be a sign of operational issues that can be corrected with smart interventions:

  • Why aren’t the staff as aligned to company growth goals as you are? How Do you get them to take initiative and do things that will grow the business and take care of customers?
  • Have you received poor client feedback regarding your business, processes or particular functions? Perhaps you have a high volume of social media complaints?
  • Is there internal turmoil between staff or poor morale? Perhaps there are high levels of sick leave?
  • Are you seeing high staff attrition, poor staff output or is your business paying out a large amount of Overtime?
  • Are you experiencing poor Cycle Times?
  • If you have a production facility, do you struggle with output quality and consistency?

Our performance services are available in a consulting, coaching or workshop format depending on the clients need